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December 30th, 2007

(no subject)

"Oppsie, I'm naked "

November 26th, 2007

(no subject)

After much thought and not wanting to do work, I've made a new one of these. I need change in my life anyway. Might as well start with what my fans enjoy the most. Here it is- http://mellerbeller.blogspot.com/
It was suggested that I use capitals and I think I can spare the extra couple of minutes to do so. I guess....
The last time I was at the Town Ballroom, I got sick because we got there extremely early. ANYWAY, even though I was stuck in toll booth traffic (my 2nd favorite kind of traffic) for 10 minutes, I made it on time. I wouldn't have minded missing The Almost .When the drummer came out, I could have sworn he was a chick. I was wrong. The singer was somewhat feminine but he's married. Go figure. He looks like a male version of Hayley Williams. They bored me. The only exciting part of their set was an Almost catfight with the girls in front of me. I was waiting for it but nope. Nothin. For their last song, the singer gave Jesus a shout out. I liked that.
I haven't seen The Starting Line in 5 years. They played nothing like the first time I saw them. I only know their Say It Like You Mean It album so therefore I only knew Hello Houston, Up and Go, and Best of Me. I was able to recognize Island which was the best song. They brought Borat on stage. That was exciting. "I want you guys to bounce like they do in 8 mile". At that first show (which was my first concert excluding Backstreet Boys in 1998), my friend brought me front and center. The second they started playing, a massive pit opened up and I got lost and my phone got trampled on. I learned my lesson. None of that happened during their set tonight. Towards the end, it sort of did but barely. Eek.
Paramore was impressive. I was a little bit skeptical but luckily they were better than I expected. For A Pessmist..., Born For This, Emergency, Never Let This Go (my favorite), Fences, Let the Flames Begin, Faces In Disguise, When It Rains, crushcrushcrush, Pressure, Here We Go Again (second favorite), My Heart, Misery Business. I'm missing two. I would definitely see them again.

Highlights of break-Frisbee golf with Dennis! in Mt.Kisco that doubled as a treasure hunt with a real treasure map. Saving two deer, roadtrip to Springfield,MA. Thanksgiving dinner at the Bradleys', roadtrip to Stamford, CT for some DQ only to find out its CLOSED for the season until the SPRING!, spending the night in Syracuse. And FURRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
I got to miss this . Trig.com has footage from Roseland which I missed as well. But luckily I got to see this .
My tribute to The Explosion for my lighting project was a hit.
I really like ebay.
I realize that they're all just replacements only they're failing. I'm not going to fight it anymore. If it gets to be unbearable, I'll start smoking or something. Whatever happens, happens.

October 12th, 2007

i got there (irving plaza which is now known as the fillmore?) late and didn't have to suffer through static age. they had hecklers. i've only seen the street dogs once and that was at warped tour which i don't count so pretending that this was my first time, i'd say i was satisfied. their following is reminiscent of that of dropkick (hmmm i wonder why) and you can tell that mike feels what he's singing. or maybe he's just under some influence when he's on stage. i'd like to think not. he climbed the part of the wall that juts out randomly just like pete from fob did a few years ago when i saw them open for mest. only pete jumped from it and this was pre hoodies and penis shots. i saw dropkick for the first time there as well....memories. fighter, you alone, in defense of dorchester, back to the world, drink tonight, tobe's got a drinking problem, fading american dream, and so on. they were fun. they all wore the same hat. i love uniforms.
i don't see how you can mosh to tiger army but i honestly should know by now that it doesn't make a difference. people will mosh to those hippies something corporate so why not for anyone else? i wonder if you have to get that specific haircut they all have to be in the band....i really need to make a concert costume. i'm clearly not punk enough for these shows. true romance, never die, cupid's victim, annabel lee, santa carla twilight, rose of the devil's garden, lunatone, tempatation and others. the last time i saw them was at bb king's with the unseen and i enjoyed this performance more than that one. i thought my 7 hour drive only a few hours before would make me anxious to get the hell out of there but luckily i got my moneys worth.
i'd much rather go to shows here then there.
meaghan and mary being home at the same time as me=double slammin
smore pizza=complete crap
stuff due monday and tue=lame
porch=a nice escape
busy all the time=nice distraction
bringing the laptop to theatre history=staying awake
selling stuff on ebay=richer

September 23rd, 2007

eso es cojo

uhhhhh idk if it's the school or just that particular area of the state but RIT had some weiirdddossss there tonight. holy crap. i had a field day making fun of them all.stick boy. word. RIT's tech guys had tech shirts. clearly i'm at the wrong school. first band was schoolyard heroes but i was late and only caught their last song. from what i did hear, the singer had a cool voice and the things she was doing with it impressed me. i shall check them out later. i was expecting to hate and be completely bored with monty are i but i actually liked them. i even bought a cd. awww snap. even though most of the songs sound the same, and they shouldn't talk in between songs because they're lame ("give it up for beer"), they're alright to watch. for their song 'just in time', they had couples come up on stage and dance and it was so incredibly cheesy and cute i couldn't help but grin. gross. i have nothing to say about amber pacific. they were...ordinary. ANYWHO, sum 41 entered to carmina burana. hehe. 1.underclass hero 2.hell song 3.motivation 4.we're all to blame 5.walking disaster. "sorry moms and dads, your kids will be hearing a lot of bad words tonight". 6.machine gun 7.king of contradiction 8.in too deep 9.over my head 10.makes no difference (favorite song of theirs ever) 11.pieces 12.march of the dogs 13.still waiting 14.my direction (2nd favorite ) 15.fat lip 16.pain for pleasure. i really wished they played more stuff off of underclass hero. i absolutely loveeeee it. but $25 shirts is a bit ridic. and watching deryck run around is always a pleasure. they're the only band i've seen, besides dropkick, that is always just completely on. there's never a "bad show" or "decent show" with them. and on top of that, they're the first band i've ever seen live so there is sentiment there as well. i could say that if it wasn't for that show and hearing a particular song november 2002, i would be going to school elsewhere, majoring in history and playing soccer in hopes of going pro...even though women's soccer sucks.
speaking of, my fears are correct and college is matching up exactly with high school and what went on certain years. just different people. so much for a surprise.
shit rocky is huge.
damn that dress really is a hit with the public.
wow i hate frisbee.
booo the only local band i've ever liked broke up.
whoa i miss the chance. mainly the manager and that darling agent who shall remain nameless.
holy moley i almost shot a 3" nail into my foot.
yay swimming.
i feel like i'm in another state when i'm up here. so maybe i will go home in october after all.

September 1st, 2007

yo no se que jelly

i hate the knitting factory. i truly do. eesh.
i liked the ergs. within the first minute of the first song i was like "wow". the bass player was a little awkward though.
modern life is war i did not like. i don't like screaming and growling. but i'd say about 80% of the people there did.whatev.
so it was the explosion + dave hause from the loved ones. just like the last time i saw them. "that's all of our money in that bag. don't fucking touch that bag!". matt was drunk the whole time and it got worse as the show progressed. 1.reactor 2.here i am 3. new song 4. the ideal 5. terrorists 6.filthy insane. "JK LOL just K" 7.broken down and out 8.nycd. "that may be the worst song written in the US besides alien ant farm songs" "i'm the coolest motherfucker you'll ever meet, don't throw shit at me" "i can barely read at this point" "that shit is definitely not a fiero but a ferrari and i'm talking about my dick" 9.new song 10.points west. "my set list is like in code, i can't read it. thanks assholes" 11.if you don't know 12.tarantulas attack. "no throwy" "my phone number is 555-beer" 13.image of a son 14.true or false 15. novocaine 16.deliver us 17.these times 18.no revolution. they had a cute group hug right before revolution. sweetest thing ever. then the place went bananas for the last song. i'm pretty sure dave hause crowd surfed more than anyone. they had some of the guys from lifetime there too for the last song wreaking havoc on stage. dave h. carried chris around on his shoulders. that was fun.
every band should play every show like its their last.
i missed faster than fashion at crannell on thursday. booooo. i'm missing lots of stuff. but i feel freerer ever since i went to the registrar.
my neighbors are being loud and obnoxious now.

July 7th, 2007

yay chance.
faster than fashion was good. i really enjoyed them. i generally don't like local bands at all but they're definitely an exception. hopped on over to the chance for what i think was stolen crown. they were alright i guess. got to run lights for them. yay. then ran back over to the loft to see the last 5ish minutes of searching for skylines. i didn't hate them either. back over to the chance for more board work. i think it was for cast your stones. they were fun. i kinda wandered after that. went down to crannell and almost immediately left. the few times i went down there, i wasn't impressed. soooo back upstairs to the balcony and watched some of pillowface's set. i didn't care for them. i kind of stopped going to the loft at this point because the bands were eh and it was +100 degrees. oh but the band frank was runner for and gave him a free shirt in return for his services, ran their own lights. when i saw what they were using and how they were controlling them, i loled. human x were ridic. the music was alright but not something i would go out and buy or see again. the drummer wore a purple mesh shirt and had devil horns on his head. then for one of the songs, the singer had this girl come up on stage who just turned 16 and sang to her. josh said it was awkward. i said i liked her tiara. and that's basically it. i went in the office and heard the sleeping and was not interested. leaving was a real adventure.
i only saw 4 deer and two cops catch someone riding dirty.
i can't wait for next week even though i'm going to miss working jellythorne heights. shoot.
maybe street dogs tomorrow, as in later today.
mini golf has made my hatred for people go up to an all time high. the public is illiterate.
where's heather?

June 16th, 2007

i don't throw rocks

last night was fun. long. but fun. i met a lot of people but i only remember two names. chuck says that if i'm ever around for a sold out show, he's going to put me on stage to introduce the bands and get the crowd going. he's quite the comedian. i don't remember the first band. three card monte was good. the bass player broke a string. funny. pipebomb was also good but they're not my cup of tea. the singer was....well i don't know how to describe him. i guess he's good at dancing? i didn't stick around to watch junket. instead i went around with abby on her rounds. i saw the ending though. they did a cover of "killing in the name of" by rage against the machine. it was one of the best covers i've ever seen. so yeahhh. that was my first showwww. didn't get home till 2:30. whenever the people there find out where i live and that i'm an intern, they say "wow, what the fuck are you doing here?" the taconic at night is not something i enjoy being on. to stay awake i counted deer. i saw 11 of those motherfuckers. i get to go again tonight. hurray.
thursday max and i went to go see the daily show. we got there before they even put the ropes up so we were guaranteed to get in.unfortunately the guys on line behind us were annoying. the things that came out of their mouths were fucking stupid. then in the waiting room they were behind us again. luckily once we were in the studio, we were nowhere near them. so yeah. its smaller in real life. they had a comedian come out beforehand to get to crowd pumped. he was actually prettttyy funny. a lot of audience related stuff. sadly i don't remember his name. then jon came out and took questions from the audience. he's really nice along with everyone else who works there. the show for that day was a bit slow but still funny. the guest was angelina jolie. the second she came out, everyone clapped but there was almost a hushed gasp coming from everyone. she looks like the malnourished kids she visits in africa. her arms are the size of my wrists. no joke. she looked terrrible. and her face isn't even that pretty. when she smiles or laughs, this huge vein pops out of her forehead. wow. when she stood up to leave, and she turned sideways, she disappeared. seriously. no curve to her whatsoever. terrible. terrible. terrible. even max doesn't want to bang her anymore. i had fun. i'm definitely going to try and go back again. on the train home we saw jesse lagle. caught up and all that shenanigans.
11 deer.
good charlotte is hopping on the justin timberlake tour. i would go in a heartbeat if it wasn't at the garden and the cheapest tickets were $60something. oh well.

June 6th, 2007

oh hiiiiiiiiiiii

the other night
+44 terrif
fob, sucky music that sounds exactly like p!atd but decent production wise. pyrotechnics, what can beat that? but i only stayed to watch them for a half hour. cobra starship is not too shabby. too bad the academy is started out with the only song i knew of theirs. paul wall was ridic. i like listening to that type of music but watching it is a whole other story.
summer is thumbs up thus far.
the chance this week was chill. got to photoshop some stuff. yayyyy.
the catchphrases are def. catching on. slammin.
concerts yayyyy
gas booooo
mini golf yayyyy
emotional rollarcoaster booooo
classy dinners yayyy
males who are pigs boooo
bed before 12 yayyyy

August 25th, 2006

i'm drunk on anger

went down early with the twins who were going down to eat dinner with their bro. "i am seriously freaking out right now". i hate,hate, HATE, getting clothes wet. getting clothes wet is number four on my list of things that irk me. wet jeans are the worst. sooooo it was raining on the way down and the whole time we were walking around times square. oh hurray. part ways and go to bb king's. i like it there. it's a nice place. fearless vampire killers i believe was the first band. consisted of cromag members or something like that. a guy from the misfits was there. i don't care. they gave him a shout out so i'm giving him one too. i didn't like them. there is nothing to hardcore "music". what gets me is that they go on and on about how pop punk is all the same when in fact all this hardcore crap sounds exactly the same. i could do it. i really could. maybe i will. H2O was grrreaaaat. thicker than water."give it up to those two motherfuckin hummingbirds" "i was on american idol" toby had his son come out. i swear to god. cutest flippin kid EVER! rolse model after that. my favorite song of theirs. they played a couple of lines from 5 year plan but stopped to sing happy birthday to rusty. the grim reaper came out with a wheelchair that had a cake on it and a tombstone. cute. "here today, gone tomorrow". family tree where tobey had his son come out again to sing. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. he's like two or three. god. he was running around with the grim reaper mask on. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww again. "stop talking, start rocking". one life one chance, guilty by association. give or take a few others. really good. i think toby chews more gum then me. the woman next to me, after they got off, was either really really drunk or really really sick because she was in and out of passing out. she fell at least three times. the guy that she was with should have dragged her out but it took the sound guy calling security over and him throwing her over his shoulder to get rid of her. crazzzzzyyyy. all throughout rancid i had a crazy asian next to me. i wish i had my video camera. i don't post any of the stuff i tape online but that i would have put on youtube. speaking of, check out punchline's youtubes. ruby soho, nihilism,journey to the end, old friend, maxwell murder (with a pretty sweet matt solo), operation ivy's unity, the wars end (with toby on the side with his offspring aka son aka adorable child), listed mia, olympia wa, bloodclot, adina, hooligans, hoover st. (which they tried to start twice and finally got it on the third try. really funny), st.mary, time bomb, fall back down (acoustic), to have and to have not (acoustic),roots radicals, out of control, and like 5 others. twas a good show.
tuesday went whaling with the bradleys and their madre at cape cod. i say whaling because it sounds more interesting than whale watching. i know you're asking why the hell i went when i'm goddamn afraid of the ocean. well the answer is simple. i die, i die. i was actually relatively calm. saw some whales. people went ballistic everyime they saw a tail. a tail! jesus. after one of the humpbacks did a flip in the water, i basically stopped watching. you see that you see everything. no big deal. on the way there we passed hyannis, ma. that almost beats coxsackie, ny. almost.
the parental unti claims we're leaving at the "crack of dawn" on saturday. i say meet you guys there. i am in no rush to leave. besides, what's supposed to be a 7 hour drive will end up being 12 because they like to stop at the casinos along the way. i figured out that they don't like me being so far from home, so they're making sure there's no more money to use for college. i'm onto them.
the city of white plains put a curb in front of our driveway. a curb.
girl power.
the band i love most is going on tour. the band that got me liking all the other bands is going to be performing live. i will not get to see them. i've come to terms with this.
BUT i do in fact get to see ANDRE RIEU in may and i'm so so so happy about it.
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